The Solderless journey
I've dedicated some time today to making a solderless harness. The first I made using these connectors is sitting in the McNelly Pickups demo guitar and they're proving to be nice and reliable. So I thought I'd have a run at testing the layout and approach of the solderless connections in the trusty Telecaster format. So far so good!
It'll be a little while yet before these become part of my harness range, but when they are, they will hopefully help those who are daunted by the humble soldering iron (you really shouldn't be though, if I can wield one, then anyone can!) & of course help those who enjoy swapping pickups regularly for various sounds!



Paul said:

I am a complete dunnard (if that’s the correct spelling) at soldering.
I did eventually complete a change of my Telecaster harness to one of your great products a few years ago but the soldering wasn’t pretty!
So solderless is the way to go for me…
I have a squire HSS strat that will need upgrading soon😀!!
Best regards, stay safe

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