The Ground Control Audio 'Locust' gets an update with the V1.5 release
Just announced last night, Ground Control Audio have revised the Locust distortion pedal with the new V1.5 version! New artwork, top mount jacks and smt layout really modernizes this popular aggressive noise maker!

The Locust pushes discrete silicon amplification into loud and sluggish distortion territory. The two mid-notch depth modes and tone controls will enable you to dial in ear-piercing highs for lead parts just as well as deep, dark and swarmy growls for heavy rhythmic riffing while, on low gain modes, the Locust will still give you solid, warm overdriven tones. Electronics enthusiasts will appreciate the high impedance jfet frontend enabling perfect tone preservation for whatever comes before it.

These are now available for pre-order over on the website, or if you fancy snapping up a bargain on a V1 Locust, I have some of those left in stock at a superb price in light of the revision!

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