New shirts!
This shirt idea came about for a few reasons. Firstly, I love those late 90s Independent Trucks brand skateboard shirts, and this design started life as an idea to capture some of the vibes from those awesome designs I loved so much.

Home of Tone shirts

Originally planned to be a long sleeve t-shirt released in Autumn, the idea spiraled a little bit and has been bumped forwards to a short sleeve summer release too! with the addition of our new, fun 'Tone is like, totally subjective, man' Big Labowski inspired quote! My friend and graphic designer, Faye Woodward, did an amazing job with the design and I'm really excited to see these out in the world!

Home of Tone Shirts

It features a variation of our beloved tone pot UFO logo printed in grey ink on the front left chest, and a large circular logo printed again in grey ink. The black shirt and grey ink print gives it a really nice look!

Home of Tone Shirts

This shirt has been screen printed onto 'AS Colour Organic staple' T-shirts, which is a nice, regular fit, quality 180gsm combed cotton made from quality, Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

A HUGE thank you to Tom Sands & Daisy Tempest for helping with the product photos of this shirt too! When some of the most talented luthiers in the world are sporting your shirt, you feel pretty good! Eternally grateful to those two for continually inspiring with their work!

Find them on the website HERE!

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