New retro Jacquard straps from RightOn! and these ones are vegan friendly too!
You may recognise a lot of these retro jacquard weave fabric straps, the designs have been around for decades and countless strap companies offer their take on them. Those usually just feature leather ends and the designs sewn onto seatbelt material which is strong but not too comfy and the strap can slide about with the design edges fraying easily too.

But these offerings from RightOn! are a real breath of fresh air as they're more comfortable due to the designs being sewn onto nice padded straps and also quite importantly to many, appeal to players that don't want leather products as they're made free of any animal products like leather. Which judging from my existing range of Vegan friendly guitar straps is becoming more and more of a popular choice. They also feature a neat pick holder too which is always a popular feature on RightOn! branded straps. 

I'm a big fan of RightOn! straps, they're superb quality, great designs and offer something to those that don't wish to buy anything made with animal products a seriously good product. I'm really happy to bring back this style of strap, but even more so knowing that they are more comfy too!

They're listed on the website and in stock ready for dispatch!

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