McNelly P90 Soapbar pickup Demo Video!
Before the Kay ET200 guitar went back out of the door with it's owner, we had chance to nip to the studio and record a demo video of it's brilliant McNelly P90 Soapbar Bridge Pickup.
We kept the video brief, but I hope it shows through your computer or phone's speaker the dynamic, detail and clarity that this pickup posses. It has that characteristic grit associated with P90s, but with a more usable tonal palette. I really enjoyed playing with this pickup providing the sonic waves, so much so it's almost hit the top of my list of favourite McNelly models! This video was also the debut of our Rift Amps PR18! This pickup and amp made for a perfect combination it has to be said.

A little about the guitar, it was a restored 60s Kay ET200 model, I fitted it with it's bridge position P90 and finished off the electronics with 2 CTS 500k pots (audio taper, one for volume one for tone), a Sprague Orange Drop .022uF cap and a Switchcraft Jack all wired together with 22awg vintage cloth covered wire. Really simple, but sounded really great! 

We carry stock of the McNelly P90 Soapbar pickups and have them available with black or cream covers currently. We're hoping to have a guitar together soon which will demo the neck position model, but I'm sure this video will give you good indication of what that one will be capable of! To view the P90 listing, click here!

The next video we have planned will feature the McNelly Cornucopia Humbuckers, which sound unreal! Can't wait to share those.

Thanks for watching!


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