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I've been incredibly lucky to have customers like yourselves, take the time to write an ever growing collection of individual product reviews over on my website. From small parts items to bigger investment items, they all help with me learning about the products I offer and also, the potential customers looking at also ordering. I've closely monitored the product reviews on the website and feel like I've learnt a lot along the way. 

But I also wanted customers to have a place to share their thoughts and experiences about the overall shopping experience, as daunting as that might be for an introvert lol! So I've set up a Trustpilot profile for James' Home of Tone, in the hope it might help those who haven't heard of my humble guitar website before learn a little more about my approach and whether it's a safe place to order. Particularly useful in the current climate that sees online ordering increasingly common.

So I'd love to hear what you think!

You've all kindly placed orders over the years on the website and I'm incredibly grateful for your support! If you have the time and would like to share your thoughts on the James' Home of Tone website and/or order experience I'd be very appreciative of your time and honesty! And I'm sure others would be too looking for reliable websites for their guitar gear needs!

Click HERE to jump straight to the Home of Tone Trustpilot page, and if you've ordered with me in the past, I'd love to hear about your experience!

James' Home of Tone Reviews

15 July, 2020 by James P Gascoigne

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