Introducing the Very Good Amp Co, and their EP Drive V3 pedal to the Home of Tone!
Handbuilt and designed by Jon Armellino in Denver, CO USA, the EP Drive offers the classic EP3 style pre-amp tone, in a versatile drive pedal. Jon is passionate about amp and pedal circuits, starting the Very Good Amp Co in 2020 and gaining a good following quickly due to this fantastic first pedal in his range. I'm really pleased to be stocking this great sounding, versatile drive and pre-amp pedal, considering this is an early release for a new company, things look incredibly bright and it's great to be on board!

Very Good Amp Co - EP DRive pedal UK

I think my customers will really like this pedal, the presentation is absolutely fantastic, from both aesthetic features on the pedal itself, to it's neat construction, it's box opening experience to finally of course, a very well thought out great sounding drive pedal. 
Long time Home of Tone customer and friend, James Thain kindly put me forward to the Very Good Amp Co a a suggestion when Jon was looking for a UK dealer, and after some great conversation it was clear stocking this pedal was an easy decision. Very impressed by his approach, and certainly impressed with the pedal. Speaking of James, he made a great video featuring the pedal so it seems suitable to share it here today too!

My stock has now arrived, and they're listed on the site to view a full description, see more photos and hear it in action via a few great videos! Click HERE to take a look!

Thanks so much!

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