Introducing the latest pedal from ThorpyFX, The Boneyard!
EDIT - 02/03/2022 - NOW SOLD OUT here at James' Home of Tone! Thanks for your support with this pedal through my humble shop!

Brand new, in limited release, from ThorpyFX, THE BONEYARD!

To cut a long story short, this is Adrian Thorpe's interpretation of what the ultimate TonebenderTM should sound like. He wanted one pedal to be able to cover off all the Tone- benderTM variants in one small pedalboard friendly footprint. The Boneyard is designed to provide you with a supremely versatile foot switchable vintage germanium fuzz pedal that evokes the sounds of everything from 1960s forward... a true chameleon of a fuzz pedal.
It's a culmination of many years playing, testing and adjusting all of the various TonebenderTM variants. The aim of the pedal is to allow customers to choose their own tonal palette, in essence their own flavour of TonebenderTM. This new version expands on that legacy to deliver more volume, lower noise, more flexibility all in a much smaller pedalboard friendly footprint.

I was lucky enough to grab some of these and they're now available to order over on the website whilst stock lasts!

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