Introducing Tesi Switch to the Home of Tone! Quality kill switches specifically designed for guitars
Tesi Switch are a Nashville, USA based guitar supplier and electronics company for superb quality and useful guitar kill switches. I am now proudly an authorised UK dealer for their products, and here you’ll find a popular selection of kill switches and the range stocked will continue to grow! So if Tesi Switch make a kill switch you are particularly interested in, but you don’t see it listed on my shop currently/yet then do please just let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help obtain it for you on my future, regular stock orders. In the meantime the range offered so far are the kill switches most commonly sold by Tesi within the USA market so hopefully it already reflects a key selection of the most popular specs.

Tesi Switch have created some incredibly useful and quality kill switches, to help installation into guitars a whole lot easier with minimal or no modifications to the guitar needed in most cases. Such as their brilliant brass housed 8mm, 10mm and 12mm mounting diameter buttons photographed above. These are particularly useful as they are each common electric guitar switch and potentiometer diameters, meaning you won’t need to widen holes in pickguards or the guitar body to fit these buttons. But you can also have some serious fun with their quality Arcade, LED or EVH Wolfgang style kill switches too

Easy to fit to a range of guitar styles, or importantly, kill switches to suit a wide range of guitar styles to help make install easier, superb quality and great designs, in my opinion these are the best kill switches available for electric guitars. Very proud to stock these here at the Home of Tone!

Check out the current range on the webshop, by clicking HERE or on any of the photos above


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