Introducing handmade pedalboards to the Home of Tone with Marcus D'luxe!
I have been friends with Marcus for some time thanks to the great guitar community, and I am an owner of two of his awesome pedalboards. I love them, So we have decided to offer some here at the Home of Tone! All handmade by Marcus, also by using as many recycled and off-cut materials as he can to reduce waste, these boards are an incredibly solid, affordable and quality alternative to some of the mass produced options on the market.

Marcus D'luxe handmade pedalboards

Marcus has kindly built a selection of boards for me for the first batch of stock, and hopefully with your feedback we will further refine what is carried in stock in terms of sizes and finishes too.
For the first batch we see the incredibly popular, and quite unique 'VertDluxe' board. These are incredibly useful for playing at home, or perhaps recording at home where you're sat at the computer recording and need to adjust any pedal settings. But they have also become the pedalboard for countless pedal demo YouTube channels, making displaying the pedal as well as making adjustments to it during the demo super easy. If you're a fan of YouTube demos you'll have seen these on channels like Henning Pauly, Dipswitch Demos, The Guitar Geek, Andertons demos, Leigh Fuge, John Nathan Cordy & The Pedal Zone to name but a few. 
There is also a VertDluxe 'limo', a stretched out version of the upright board to accomodate multiple pedals!

Marcus d'luxe handmade pedalboards

Need something a bit more traditional, and need a board for the floor? Then we have a couple of options there too, with a neat 2 rail floor pedalboard to accomodate a single row of pedals. This is roughly based on a Pedaltrain Nano, and if you want something a bit more spacious, the Pedaltrain Classic inspired size 4 rail may be your choice!

Marcus d'luxe handmade pedalboards

All of these have been finished in the most popular black/brown stain finish, and come with quality loop attached to the board ready for you to attach your pedals.

Here's a video (a somewhat embarrassing vlog I'll add!)  I made when my own Macrus D'luxe pedalboard arrived that I bought earlier this year. I've been really happy with both this board and my own VertDluxe board too, really solid, great looking unique boards! Nice and affordable too.



Mike Conrad

Mike Conrad said:

Looking for vert deluxe limo
One that sits on top of my Marshall super lead amp head
Over the amp handle ,so it has to have the cut out on the bottom to sit over the handle.
Please quote me one ..
Thanks Mike

James Gascoigne

James Gascoigne said:

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your comment and interest in Marcus’ pedalboards. A vert Limo is £50.00 inc VAT.
At the time of writing this reply, I don’t currently have stock, but if you need one in the meantime, Marcus does take orders directly and would make one for you. He can be contacted via his instagram which is account name @marcusdluxe

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