Home of Tone Record of the week - Todd Albright, Detroit twelve string blues & rags
Todd Albright first came to my attention courtesy of the great Charlie Parr, as they have played a lot of shows together in the USA so kept seeing Todd's name pop up alongside Charlie's. Knowing that Charlie only surrounds himself with great people I had to delve further. Todd is a thunderous 12 string guitar player, is down-tuned sound with rhythmic, thumping bass and speeding up train like sounds are truly captivating. Obtaining an album of his proved quite hard over here, but I noticed a while back that Jack White (of White Stripes fame) had signed Todd Albright to his record label and they were putting together an EP. I pre-ordered it and eagerly awaited it's arrival, excited to hear what sounds were within.

Just as hoped, with Jack White's keen eye for authentic American music sound, Todd's debut release on his label doesn't disappoint. I think the standout tracks for me are Kill it Kid for it's crazy rag and Todd's killer singing full of leadbelly vibes as well as a Charlie Parr favourite, Delia which is a refreshing version for my ears after listing to Charlie's equally as fondly for so long. 

I've drifted further and further away from listening to blues music for pleasure like I did when I was much younger, but what Todd delivers is so refreshingly authentic that it's truly captivating. I love his approach, guitar playing, sound and of course, this great record.

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