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Firstly I'd like to welcome you the first of a new little blog feature I'll be doing weekly, by sharing my favourite office sounds from the week. I've decided to do this for a number of reasons, the main one being that sometimes it's just really nice to truly take in what we're listening to, how it inspires, relaxes or guides the mood we're in. There truly aren't many moments when there isn't music on in our home and in particular, my office. And who knows, perhaps you all could suggest things to listen to or discuss what I've listened to this week too.

So to start things off, I thought I'd share an album that honestly has been a soundtrack to our home in general over the last few months, even inspiring my wife Emma to begin learning bass recently too. You know this is good music when even your not quite 2 year old son when asked who his favourite band is, replies 'Bin bin' and demands to dance to their music, yup, that's the truth! Khruangbin's 'Con Todo El Mundo'. This record is packed full of beautiful grooves, achingly cool bass lines, the slickest of the slick drum beats and wonderfully melodic and creative guitar parts. This band is so much fun to listen to, and if you haven't watched any videos of them, I urge you to as they're clearly three friends who aren't afraid to have fun (for example guitarist Mark Speer and bassist Laura Lee both wear matching wigs whilst performing and often do in sync dance moves during songs). A Texas based three piece, who are inspired by music from Thailand, to funk, hip hop and psychedelic sounds and it's all apparent upon first listen of this brilliant record. 

Standout tracks for me are August 10, Shades of Man and in particular, Friday Morning. Of which' main guitar chord hook line paired with Laura Lees silky smooth bass is almost reminiscent (for me anyway) of Ice Cube's It was a good day (or perhaps the true music geek would say the original sample, Isley brothers' Footsteps in the Dark, but you get my thinking!). The time signature changes towards the tail end of the track too are so so cool too. The sound of summer? Perhaps so. Just an amazing record from start to finish, which feels like a fresh breath of air to what can be done with a three piece with lead guitar in particular. Really has made me fall back in love with how creative and fun lead guitar can be.

Check out Khruangbin on all of the usual music platforms, but do definitely support them by buying their records and going to their gigs.



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