Home of Tone Record of the Week - Godspeed you! Black Emperor, Slow riot for new zero Kanada
Inspired by last weeks trip down memory lane for me, I continued onward to some albums which really meant a lot to me in my late teens, early twenties and continue to today too. One that always will stop me in my tracks is the iconic post rock EP from Godspeed you! Black Emperor, with 'Slow riot for new zero Kanada' so it had to be this weeks choice! I was introduced to Godspeed by the same friend who got me into Minus the bear whom I mentioned last week, for which I'm forever grateful. So my next record shop trip I bought their album 'Yanqui U.X.O', which at the time I didn't really get attached to sadly but I spotted this simplistic sleeve and decided to give Godspeed another try, I'm so glad I did. 

There's just two tracks on this EP, if you listen to it on vinyl it's a track per side which is a pretty engaging listening experience! Side A sees 'Moya' take you on a journey of tension, the extended intro builds and builds with beautiful sounds and lead lines mixing with what are now classic post rock melodies. 
Side B's 'Blaise Bailey Finnegan III' is a pretty emotionally charged track, with voice samples, droning guitar parts and an energy which had me addicted to this EP from the first listen to many years later. Released in 1998, I think it definitely can considered a pivotal post rock release by any band and certainly influenced me and my own musical journey. I recommend checking this record out if you haven't already, if you're new to post rock it's such a good place to start. There's absolutely no rushing this EP, it is at it's own pace, building emotions, tension and energy. Truly beautiful record and continues to be one of my all time favourites.

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