Home of Tone Record of the week - Gareth Hardwick, 'Sunday Afternoon'
Ambient music is something I really enjoy listening to. The soundscapes give your brain chance to clear, yet also chance to think, but I also find it quite inspiring and always intriguing how something so seemingly simple can be so hard to get 'right'. One record that most definitely has been beautifully done is Gareth Hardwick's Sunday Afternoon. I first came across this record by chance, as a record store website I used to frequently visit happened to show it on the front page and I was drawn in by the photography on the front sleeve. After reading a little more into it, new to Gareth Hardwick, I was sold upon reading it was two parts recorded live as a sole take only with his lapsteel. Absolutely un-rushed, with beautiful overtones which despite it's simplicity which may be too simple for some, create a sound of a record I come back to time and time again. Great for giving the brain some space to breathe a bit!



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