Green Sofa Chronicles demo the McNelly Duckling & A5 Signature Plus set!
Jari reached out to me in November of 2019 expressing his interest in ordering a set of McNelly Pickups for his Suhr Classic T guitar. 
After some discussion, Jari decided to give the Duckling neck position pickup along with a A5 Signature Plus pairing (which happens to be a personal favourite set for a Tele). Well, I heard from Jari again yesterday who let me know about his new YouTube demo channel along with an amazing A/B comparison video he has kindly made featuring his new McNelly Pickups! Both the Suhr and McNelly sets sound great here, so it was great to hear them side by side which is always useful for pickup buyers and Tele fans alike. 
Thanks very much to Jari for making this video, and I wish him all the best with his new channel! I've linked below if you like the look of this video and wish to subscribe to his work.

Green Sofa Chronicles

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