Back doing what it loves most!
You may remember that recently I was helping my Dad advertise his late 70s Gibson Les Paul Custom for sale. Letting this guitar go to a new home was a huge decision and it very much had to be the right person it went to. Well, it's safe to say the new owner, Neil, is that right person. I can only say from my perspective, but something didn't feel right about this guitar sitting in a case rarely being played let alone gigged like it did for many years with my Dad. Neil gigs on a very regular basis with some superb venues with his band, Blue Nation and really favours Gibson guitars in his rig.

Blue Nation

He had a really nice story behind the purchase too, which only cemented that this was meant to be and Neil will continue to look after the guitar and do what it does best, play music in front of music fans in more than capable hands like Neil's.

Blue Nation Music

What better to see it straight out in front of big crowds, gigging again! A big thank you to Neil for the photos, and for being understanding through the purchase of the guitar as it was pretty tough for our family to see it go but do certainly know it was to the right person here!

If you're a fan of great riffs, classic 60s and 70s inspired rock & roll and Rhythm and Blues, be sure to check out Blue Nation! I've shared some links to their website below, and check them out at their upcoming gigs, I imagine you'll see the beautiful wine red Custom out with them!

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