The McNelly Sparkletron's turn in the spotlight..
So, another month sees another set of McNelly's grabbing the spotlight in the latest issue of Guitar & Bass Magazine.
We sent the guys a set of 'Sparkletrons', which are McNelly's take on the Gretsch Filter'tron design introduced in the 50s. They were fitted into a Fender La Cabronita and very nicely paired their equivalent model pickup on the market, the TVJ, for the feature. It was great to read about a side by side on two great pickup models, and is usually the first question on peoples lips when inquiring. So this will help you folks interested!

Some quotes from the review:
'The Sparkletrons cut through dirt and fuzz to provide definition, and bass strings retain a tight, growly focus.'
'Although they have a fairly low output by modern standards, the Sparkletrons don't lack power.'
'Very convincing vintage Filter'Tron tone. Sweet upper-mids. Very Touch responsive'.

Check out the Sparkletrons for yourself on our store - HERE

Anyway, check out the May 2016 issue of Guitar & Bass Magazine, on sale now! & thanks again to all the good people at G&B, they're an absolute pleasure to work with.
02 April, 2016 by James P Gascoigne

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