Sometimes it's the little steps, that allow the bigger ones to happen
As part of my plan for 2016, I wanted to bring a little more of my personality into each aspect of the store. Right down to the smaller details, like how we package our items to get them to your doorstep.
As such a large proportion of the great brands I represent here are handmade items, I wanted the way I present them to pay homage that as much as possible.
I've always loved that feeling you get when you receive an item that is presented so well that it feels like an 'event' just catching a glimpse of it, so I had to capture that with everything we send out from James' Home of Tone!
Orders from now on will receive a bit more of a personal touch, as I'm immensely proud of the items we offer and I hope you get a sense of that when a parcel from us lands at your doorstep!
This will be rolled out within the next week, so I hope you like the new style!
Here we have just a tiny part of the bigger picture, and these will be put to good use at The Guitar Show in Feb!
15 January, 2016 by James P Gascoigne

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