Come and see us at The Guitar Show 2016!
Now this I'm super happy to announce...
We have a stand at The Guitar Show 2016! 27th-28th February at New Bingley Hall, Birmingham.

We'll be Showcasing for the first time in the UK, the wonderful McNelly Guitars Pickups, with demos too!
We'll have a wide range of Diamond BottlenecksLead Crystal 'Ultimate' hand blown slides.
The great Gravity Guitar Picks for you to check out, you'll see what the fuss is all about!
Also the awesome Overdrive Straps for you to get into the retro vibe with!
Lastly we'll be unveiling our latest guitar build, the Home of Tone Fifty! Along with the other guitars we currently have in stock.
But mainly we'll be looking forward to chatting with you all who are coming along, and getting our guitar geek on!
08 January, 2016 by James P Gascoigne

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