Squier Bass VI
This week saw me finish up some TLC work on a lovely Squier Bass VI reissue. It had the factory installed string set on it, along with a rather high action and overall lackluster playing experience. Upon inspection I noted how low the bridge was sat against the pickguard, not a great sign when the action was on the high side. This hints that the instrument would benefit from an increased neck break angle, something that a shim at the heel of the neck would help achieve. So after stripping things down, carrying out some spot levelling on the frets, polishing those up and conditioning the fretboard. I removed the neck and made a neck heel shim from wood veneer and got it all back together ready to string up with the specially developed 'Balanced Medium' Stringjoy Bass VI string set

I also noted that the factory bone nut on this was looking really quite rough, with tooling marks on it, so I cleaned that up and polished it for a more hand finished look.

After letting the Bass VI settle again under string tenion, I set to work on the setup refinements and instantly noticed a huge difference in it's play-ability. Increasing the neck break angle by raising the heel, allowed me to raise the bridge improving string angle and tension over it, whilst being able to drastically improve string action and playing feel. The Stringjoy string set instantly feeling so much better than the factory string set, tension feels great and so much more fun to play. 

To finish things off, Spence asked me to fit some antique white/parchment witch hat control knobs which look cool against the similarly coloured pickup covers. 

Really enjoyed working on this one, especially when it instantly feels so rewarding as the instrument springs to life after some refinements during the process. Big thanks to Spence for bringing it in for me to work on.

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