Chris' Les Paul project
This has been a lovely project to be a part of for it's owner Chris. He fairly recently took ownership of this '90s Gibson Les Paul Standard burst, but it was rather sorry for itself. A too low cut top nut, insanely low action and 8 gauge strings left the playing experience, to put it bluntly, awful. Chris had decided it was worth saving though, and I agree, as even through those issues you could tell it was a resonant example. He had purchased a Faber tune-o-matic and a pair of 'Wizz' un-potted PAF humbuckers for it. So I was set with the task of fitting the pickups, installing one of my Signature Series 50s style wiring kits (pots section only), re-wiring the original switch and jack with some Gavitt 22awg traditional braided 2 conductor wire, removing the plastic top nut and replacing with an in house made unbleached bone nut and then setting it up on Stringjoy Broadway pure nickel 10 gauge strings. All went really well and I'm blown away by the results, it plays beautifully and is one of the most resonant LPs I've played in a long time. Here's some pics of the progress and the final beauty shots.

Chris asked me to add solderless connector blocks for the pickup connections, in case he fancies experimenting with swaps in the future. So I 'hardwired' everything else, but just did a pair of connectors for the pickup hot and grounds to keep it as clean and simple as possible.

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