New McNelly Pickup models!
Tim has been well known for his custom pickup work since McNelly Pickups began,  and it's great to see some of that custom work find it's way to the standard range. Tim released some teaser photos of an awesome retro cut pickup cover as well as some P90 Soapbar sized Gold Foils and the response was superb! 

McNelly Soapbar sized Gold Foils

I've now listed both of these new variants on the website ready for order! 

McNelly Retro cover humbuckers

The Retro cover humbuckers are available in the full McNelly humbucker range including the Cornucopia, Chaplain, Clarity, Bliss & Autumn models and feature an unplated nickel custom cut cover with either silver or gold foil inserts.

The P90 sized Gold Foils are an awesome way to capture that wonderful and unique Gold Foil tone in a more commonly used size and mount. The P90 Gold Foils are standard body mount P90 size, and feature the same style cover design as the Teisco they are inspired by, and are available with gold or silver foil inserts.

To find them on the website to order please click below! Thanks for reading, James.

Retro Humbucker

P90 Soap Bar sized Gold Foils

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