McNelly Nostalgia Pickup set Demo & Review
A few months back we plugged in and recorded a demo video of my personal favourite Stratocaster Pickup set, The McNelly Nostalgia.
We fitted a set to our shop built S-Type guitar, which has CTS 450 series 250k audio taper pots, a Sprague .022uF cap as per McNelly Recommendation for this pickup set, alder body and rosewood neck. A Strat staple right?! The McNelly Nostalgia offer a wonderful balance across each position, and when blended together. My first guitar was a strat (a Squier 50s style model) and I've been hooked ever since. I've worked my way through many models and pickup combinations but I think this set delivers everything wonderfully. You can hear how they sound for yourself through this demo video we recorded, and this guitar is always available for demo so drop us a message and we'll organise something!

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