McNelly Featured in the March issue Guitar & Bass Magazine...
This feature was a couple of months in the making, and a project I am really proud to be a part of after becoming UK main dealer for McNelly.
I got in touch with the guys at Guitar & Bass magazine to see if they were interested in spotlighting some of the great McNelly Pickup models now I'm offering them here in the UK and they jumped at it! I'm a big fan of what this magazine is achieving these days, their approach is truly representing the direction of the guitar world right now. Both favouring the usual big name brands as much as the boutique makers, which is great to see.
After discussing some of the range of pickups available, they decided to go with three sets which was great news. The T-Bar Tele P90 set, the Stagger Swagger & the Sparkletron. The man set to review them was their all round tech man, Huw Price. He was fitting the T-Bar into a tradition Tele, maple neck, Swamp ash body etc, The Stagger Swaggers into a Les Paul and finally the Sparkletrons into a La Cabronita, so a real nice mix!
After a few chats about the finer details of each model, I was really looking forward to reading what Huw had to say about these models. He picked up on all the details I was hoping he would, those tones, nuances and build quality details that make McNelly so great.
If you get chance, make sure you drop by a newsagents, super market etc and pick up this months copy. It's a great read, aside from the pickup review! I particularly love the original '56 feature too. Really proud to see pickups we offer from Home of Tone featured in this great mag. If you're interested in reading what a well respected magazine think of McNelly pickups, then it's well worth a peek!

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