Pre-Wired guitar harness | Telecaster 4-way harness kit | Left Handed


Order time
I usually make harnesses to order, due to the variety of spec options that could be chosen across the whole range. The current turnaround time for a harness orders is around 5-7 working days depending on quantity of orders in at the time and your order will be updated accordingly when it is dispatched. This turnaround time doesn't include the transit time. Thanks for your patience whilst I get your harness made!

Model Description
The Telecaster is an iconic instrument that defined a brand, inspired so many musicians and set the bar for the solid body electric guitar moving forward. I want my Signature Series wiring harness for this legendary guitar to earn the right to be a small part of that through a choice of quality components and respect for it's design. This schematic is the super popular 4-way mod, retaining the traditional 3 position Telecaster sounds but with an additional position putting the two single coils in series for a chunkier sound. The parts aim to bring out the best in your telecaster's tone, and aim to do so for many years to come through reliable use. This standard spec will suit a 2x single coil equipped telecaster, and models where the pots/switch mount onto a control plate.

Please note, website example photo(s) may differ visually from the wiring kit you receive. This could be for a number of reasons but ultimately, don't be alarmed if you do spot differences between the stock photo and your supplied kit. 


With or without Treble Bleed?
First up, what does it do? A Treble Bleed kit takes the 'high' treble tone frequencies that are otherwise naturally lost through the sweep out of the circuit at the volume pot, and puts them back in the circuit as the signal leaves the volume pot. The treble frequencies are prevented from naturally bleeding out of the circuit as your turn your volume pot down. The result is a smoothed out treble and a more uniform tone from 1 to 10. Reducing the treble drop out as the volume pot rolls off. Some guitar players wouldn't be without a treble bleed, and many have never used one on their guitars. Truth is, it is very much personal preference. If you like the idea of retaining treble as you roll your volume pot down, then a treble bleed is for you! As standard my treble bleed mod spec is a .001uF capacitor and a 120kOhm resistor wired in parallel.

LH or RH pot taper, which is 'right' for me?
Not sure whether Left Handed/Reverse audio taper pots are 'right' for you? Check out this article I put together addressing the subject, and hopefully it will help you find the correct choice for your playing. HERE
The quick answer is, do you prefer to turn your pots clockwise to increase from '0', or anti-clockwise to increase from '0'?
If you answered clockwise, then you need RH taper pots
If you answere anti-clockwise, then you need LH taper pots

Additional bridge ground wire?
I have added this option for those who are perhaps building a guitar from scratch like a partscaster for example. If this is you, then the pre-soldered length of ground wire may be useful as that will be used as your bridge or tailpiece ground. A 1ft length of wire will be attached. If you are fitting this wiring kit to an existing guitar as a replacement to the original wiring, then chances are your guitar already has a bridge ground wire and you can simply just keep and use your original wire. 

Fitting notes

I have intended for my wiring harnesses to be as simple as possible to install to your Telecaster, as well as writing in depth fitting guides, how-to instructions documenting the step by step process as well as a simple to follow wiring diagram. But here are some important spec and fitting notes that will hopefully help you assess whether the kit is suitable for your guitar or what is required to allow it to fit correctly.

The 4 way switch has a slightly increased throw angle, sometimes requiring a wider slot control plate. Not all control plates can accommodate for a 4 way switch without minor modification. Some players file a very small amount off the slot in the plate, and some players prefer to file a little notch in the 4 way lever. But it is worth baring this in mind, the 4 way mod may require extra attention as noted here. 

Will the pots fit my control plate?
The components I use in my Signature Series wiring kits are for the most part, USA imperial specification. If you're fitting this harness to a far east built guitar such as a Squier or similar brand, then you may have to widen the holes in the control plate to accommodate for these imperial measurement pots. Or alternatively, purchase a new control plate that is already suited to the US spec components. The CTS pots have a mounting thread shaft diameter of 0.370" / 9.4mm so I recommend for ease of install a control plate with a 0.394" / 10mm pot mounting hole.

Centre to centre measurements between components are - 
Centre of Switch to volume pot - 40mm
Centre of volume pot to centre of tone pot - 64mm
These measurements for my templates were taken from a USA Fender telecaster control plate. There is a small amount of 'give' in the wire lengths between the components, but if for any reason the measurements on your guitar are drastically different to those stated above, please do get in touch and I may be able to make your kit with an allowance for this. You will need to provide your centre to centre measurements to me. 

What control knobs will fit?
As the Left handed kits have the option between using Right Handed or Left Handed taper pots, there is a slight difference in the pots used to achieve either option.
The RH taper pot version uses CTS Solid shaft pots which have a solid shaft diameter of 0.248" / 6.30mm. You will need control knobs that suit these measurements and secure to the pot via a grub screw on the control knob.
Whereas the LH taper pot version uses CTS Split Shaft pots which have a adjustable split shaft diameter of 0.236" / 5.95mm. As standard these will fit push-fit/spline style control knobs to match the measurement stated. But, if you wish to use grub screw style control knobs then the kit can be ordered along with a pair of solid shaft brass conversion sleeves. These fit onto the split shaft post and convert it to 0.248"/6.30mm solid shaft for you.
Do not attempt to force fit smaller, metric/import spec control knobs onto the imperial USA spec pots, doing this can damage the pot.

The switch is an imperial spec 'Oak' brand item and requires a push-fit switch tip that will fit a 0.189" / 0.482mm switch shaft. 

If you do require a US spec control plate or control knobs, I do carry a selection of popular options in stock and they can be viewed in the Control Knob & hardware categories on the store.

Will the jack socket fit my mount cup/plate?
Much like with the control knob and plate fitting notes, this will ultimately come down to where your guitar was made and/or what hardware it has already. The jack socket I use in this kit again is imperial specification, the outer thread diameter measures 0.367" / 9.32mm and ideally requires a 0.394" / 10mm hole to comfortably mount. If you have a threaded electrosocket style jack cup, you will need the imperial thread pitch version. The jack comes provided with washers and mounting nut 

Preparing your neck pickup for 4 way switching

Fitting a 4 way telecaster harness is a little different to a conventional 3 way harness, in that the neck pickup could need modifying depending on how it has been made by the pickup manufacturer. If it is a standard, two wire pickip, it will require an additional ground wire adding which allows for the series position and the small ‘jumper’ wire snipping/removing. I have written a guide to do this HERE but if you are at all unsure about doing this, I would highly recommend supporting your local trusted Tech to carry out the modification for you. This is also shown on the wiring diagram to follow, but please keep this in mind, correct grounding is essential for this schematic to work as it should.

Parts used/included
- RH taper pot kit - CTS '450' Series +/-10% Tolerance pots - 250k solid shaft pot w/mounting washers and nuts
- LH taper pot kit - CTS +/-20% Tolerance Reverse/Left handed Audio taper - 250k split shaft pot w/mounting washers and nuts
- .022uF 'Yellow Mustard' type tone capacitor
- Gavitt USA made cloth covered 22AWG wire
- 20AWG Tinned copper ground
- Oak 4 way lever switch w/short length mounting screws
- Pure Tone multi contact jack socket w/mounting washers and nuts
- Soldered using Rapid 22SWG lead-free solder

Can you use different spec parts for me?
If you require this kit but want a different value pot or cap spec, by all means just let me know. If you need 500k pots instead for example or want a .047uF value cap instead of the standard .022uF value, those custom requests are happily catered for. Either e-mail me prior to placing your order, or drop a note in the order comments box upon placing your order and I will use those specs when making your wiring kit. 
I do not however offer a custom harness service, changes to the schematic
 nor will use other brands of components. I have spent a long time testing and finding the components I feel will get the best out of the sound and last well in use. Thanks for your understanding.