McNelly Pickups at the Home of Tone going into 2019

I'll be honest, with so many aspects of starting and trying to grow your own business, It's difficult to pinpoint my proudest moment since doing this, but I feel I can very much put representing McNelly Pickups right up there at the top of the list. I've worked with Tim at McNelly Pickups since 2015, and he has been one of the most reliable, consistent, innovative and inspiring suppliers to work with and it's an honour to represent such a quality brand here in the UK. 

McNelly Pickups UK

One of my first wishes about setting up my store was to concentrate on quality, and offer items that represent my passion for guitars. McNelly couldn't fulfill that wish any better.

Now heading into 2019, I want to help build on that and have always felt the core level of stock carried needed to be further improved. I've been making steps over the past year to help with that, and I feel I'm beginning to now see the benefit. Expect to see a vastly improved and growing level of stock carried in the UK from here on out. A much broader range, and good levels of the most popular models will/are to be carried in stock here at the Home of Tone.

McNelly Pickups UK

As much as so many of your haven't at all minded whilst awaiting for your pickups to be made over in Canada, I've always wanted to help reduce that turnaround, and carrying larger quantities and a broader range should help with that. But of course, anything that isn't in stock can still be ordered, especially as the range of cover options is so vast across the whole range. 

A quick thanks to every single customer and guitar maker who has tried, loved and shared McNelly Pickups through myself. Without the great recommendations of so many of you to other guitar players looking for new pickups, the growth so far wouldn't have been possible. I'm hoping the steps I've taken over the past year to this point will further help the McNelly name gather the recognition it deserves. 

To check out the full McNelly Pickups range, have a look at the collection HERE


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