For Sale - 1994 40th Anniversary Fender USA Standard Stratocaster

I am handling the advertising of this lovely condition, 40th Anniversary USA Standard Stratocaster on behalf of it's owner. For the time being, it is a private sale so if you're interested in the Strat, please get in touch with me and we can help with a viewing of the guitar and/or the sale as the guitar is here at the Home of Tone.

This is a 1994 Fender USA Strat, specs wise they're typical of US Strats of this period, with modern style tuners, 2 point bridge, TBX tone control etc, but this specific model is the 40th Anniversary release and features a neat emblem on the headstock and an engraved 4 bolt neck plate to differentiate it from a regular standard. It weighs 7.11lbs.

It is is fantastic condition overall, especially so when you consider it's 30 years old now! Some very minor surface marks, no dents/dinks. I've tried to capture anything in my photos of note. I have shared a number of photographs of it on this article, but for the high-res copies, please do get in touch and I can e-mail those over. Or of course pop by for a viewing too!

It comes complete with all of the original swing tags and info, even the original un-used stickers. It also comes complete with the popular red label shaped hardcase, which too is in amazingly good condition.

It has been fitted with a set of Suhr V60 pickups, standard neck, RWRP middle and the hot version in the bridge. These were installed by the original owner and have been on the guitar ever since. The original owner and this guitars story is quite interesting too. If you are at all familiar with the long running Channel 4 show, Hollyoaks, then this strat is the actual strat used to write and record that theme song. The original owner is a professional composer, musician and producer and wrote for many TV and Film parts, including this particular one where the very Strat in question was used. Ultimately, we all know this doesn't affect value, but it is an interesting piece of the story of the guitar and I would say that many millions of viewers of that show through the years would have heard this exact guitar. You can actually find this guitar featured on the original owners website in a gear breakdown page, I'll forward the link to anyone interested too but does confirm the story further. 

The original owner also changed the wiring, removing the TBX tone pot changing it to a blend pot for neck and bridge sounds. But this was put back to the original TBX pot spec. I'm afraid the original pickups are not retained, but the Suhr upgrade set sound fantastic so I'm sure will provide enjoyment for the new owner. 

Frets are in great shape, very, very minor sign of wear on some of the cowboy chord areas, but as you can tell from the photos, these are minor indeed for a 30 year old guitar. Guitar plays great as is, ready to go and be enjoyed! 

The guitar is currently located here (office based in Stourbridge, West Mids UK), so if you would like to book a viewing do please get in touch. Sale is based on collection only at this stage. So please bare this in mind when getting in touch. 



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