Home of Tone - Now catering a little more respectfully for BASS!
I have to admit, I was disappointed I hadn't yet catered for Bass Guitars very much here at Home of Tone. But it certainly was top of my agenda. With a passion for stringed instruments spreading a long way, I really wanted to capture some great items for the lower frequency thumper!

So along with now offering a nice array of quality Bass Guitar components, like those from Gotoh, AllParts, Fender & GraphTech for example, we feel we are developing a nice collection here!

Squier 20th Anniversary PJ Bass

We also picked up a rather lovely Squier 20th Anniversary PJ Bass in Shoreline Gold! It's a beaut! This is going to be a demo tool, showing some of the various parts available including the selection of McNelly Bass pickups we have here. So prepare for some more blog updates & demo videos of how they sound real soon!

Once again, apologies for this taking so long! But I hope the parts we have on offer here for Bass Guitars are enjoyed and we'll continue to grow the collection further.

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