RS PRO 470k Carbon Film Resistor


I use the 470k Resistor for a little mod I was informed about by Tim McNelly. If you have a HS configuration Telecaster for example, it's often a compromise on whether you use 500k pots to suit the humbucker best but end up with an overly bright single coil, or 250k and have a great single coil sound but a dark humbucker sound. So with this, you'd use 500k pots in both positions, but solder this 470k resistor between the single coil pickup tab on the blade switch to ground. This means the bridge pickup single coil 'sees' 250k rated pot.
Basically you are wiring this resistor in parallel with the pot, which is a variable resistor. So when you attach this resistor from the 'hot' connection of the pickup, to ground (back of the pot casing) you are putting it in parallel with the pot variable resistor therefore achieving a 250k pot value for the single coil pickup to 'see'.

I've wired a lot of these for customers as custom orders on harnesses and the response has been great from them. I thought it would be helpful to offer these individually for those comfortable wiring guitar components, so they can mod away!

Tech spec if required - 
RS Pro
470k ohm
0.25W power rating

5% tolerance
Resistor body 2.3 mm in diameter, 6.3 mm in length
Carbon film construction
Long-term stability
Solder plated copper leads

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