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For such a simple configuration, I must admit that the Les Paul harness has been the model I've researched and refined the most in my time making harnesses. I wanted to be respectful of the traditional aspects of the guitar that so many people love, bringing the best out of the iconic Gibson design. 

I have decided to bring back 'modern' style wiring to the standard harness range again! I used to offer both styles, but over time found that 50s style simply outsold modern style so simplified things to one type. But have found recently that I have been receiving an awful lot more requests for modern style wiring again, so makes sense to offer it as an option. Seems 50s style doesn't rein supreme anymore!

50s style wiring isn't for everyone, some players find the response too bright, or the natural drop in volume when rolling the tone controls down frustrating. So in those cases, Modern wiring may be the perfect alternative for you! No loss of volume when rolling the tone controls down, but some players do find the natural loss of trebles worth addressing, so I also offer the option of treble bleed caps here to help resolve that. Again, no right or wrong, but hopefully these options offered will help dial in the perfect spec for you and your guitar.

I have intended for my wiring harnesses to be as simple as possible to install to your Les Paul, as well as writing in depth fitting guides, how-to instructions documenting the step by step process as well as a simple to follow wiring diagram.
The parts I use, in particular the pots, are CTS branded pots which are imperial measurements. If you're fitting this harness to a far east built variant for example such as a Epiphone or similar, then you may have to widen the holes in the body to accommodate for these imperial measurement pots. 
For reference, the CTS pots I use in this harness have a shaft diameter of 9.52mm.
You may also require new control knobs to fit the CTS pot 'split shaft' spline diameter of 5.95mm.
If you do require US spec control knobs, we do carry a selection of popular options in stock and they can be viewed in the hardware & plastic hardware categories on the store.

The mounting board I ship my harnesses out on, were taken from measurements of a USA build Gibson Les Paul. The centre to centre measurements between components are - 
Centre of neck volume pot and neck tone pot - 63mm
Centre of neck volume pot and bridge volume pot - 50mm
Centre of neck tone pot and bridge tone pot - 50mm
Centre of bridge volume pot and bridge tone pot - 61mm
I do allow for give in all wire lengths though, so if your guitar doesn't perfectly match these measurements, then the give in wire lengths should help account for that when installing. If it is substantially different though, feel free to get in touch and we can see what we can do to make this kit suit your specifica. Les Paul

Long or Short, which do I need?
The question I probably get asked most is, "Will I need long or short shaft pots?". Well Gibson are of course known for lots of transitional changes to specs from the golden era right up to modern day. I have compiled a list of Gibson models which use either Short or Long shaft pots on the individual pot listing HERE But, if you're still not sure, the simplest answer is that ALL types of Gibson or Epiphone Les Paul will fit a long shaft pot, as you can adjust the two supplied nuts to suit the height in the body. All Epiphone Les Paul's with exception of the Elitist model use short shaft pots. Also, feel free to send me a photo of the inside of the control cavity or a photo of the pot itself, hopefully I can help identify it for you.

Parts used

- CTS '450' Series +/-10% Tolerance Short or long Shaft pots - 500k split shaft
- .022uF 'Yellow Mustard' type tone capacitor  
- 20AWG Tinned copper ground
- Soldered using Rapid 22SWG lead-free solder

This kit is made and ready to ship!