MusicNomad - GRIP Winder - Rubber Lined, Dual Bearing String/Peg Winder


About Musicnomad
Combining their passion for cleaning and helping musicians, MusicNomad Equipment Care Products deliver professional grade products to restore, maintain and protect your instrument. They bring together talent from around the world to help in making the best products for musicians. Every purchase automatically contributes money to help independent musicians through their advocacy website where thousands of musicians each month discover resources, tips and articles  to help them in their music career.

Their cleaning products and tech tools are actually used by some of the biggest guitar brands, both factories and small makers such as Kauer Guitars, Strandberg, Tom Anderson, Knaggs, Suhr, Bourgeois, Fender Custom Shop and Sadowsky to name but a few.

I’m very proud to stock and offer these high quality products!

About the GRIP winder
An absolutely superb quality and easy to use pro string winder from Musicnomad.  It features an Innovative Dual Bearing Construction for Effortless, Silent & Super Fast Winding. Safe Scratch-Free & Clank Free Rubber Lined Design & Fits & Grips Virtually all Tuning Pegs. Ergonomic, Non-slip Comfort Grip. Narrow Profile Winder Design Keeps you From Hitting other Pegs on Tight fit 12 String and Electric Guitars.

Added bonus 10mm hex wrench to safely tighten the most popular (10mm) tuning machine bushings. Check them every string change.

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