Gotoh Vintage Style 'Tulip' Tuners SD90 - 3 aside


This is for a set of 6 Gotoh vintage style 'tulip' tuning machines in the 3 aside configuration, great for Les Paul, SG or 335 for example. Often called the 'Kluson Style' tuners. They come complete with push-fit bushes and screws and the buttons are the vintage style green pearl tulip buttons. Please note that these do not have any name stamped on the back casing.
For measurements, please see product images.

They are available in standard nickel, black chrome, gold or Gotoh's own relic nickel finish which is really effective if you don't like the bright/new look. 

Regarding Gotoh's relic finish, most machine heads that are artificially 'aged' after manufacturer tend to be the result of certain chemical treatments and polishing processes. Unfortunately, such treatments can also have a detrimental effect on the durability and functionality of the internal parts. These Gotoh Relic Series parts are crafted to look aged and worn during Gotoh's own initial production stage and therefore the key internal components are not affected by this process and retain their full usability and durability. 

Nickel and Relic nickel currently in stock!

For other finishes - These are currently special order, and are ordered in once a customer order is placed (usually around 2/3 working days). Thanks very much for wishing to order through my humble store, and I will update you with the delivery estimate along the way.