Update for custom spec/requirement harnesses.
I have to unfortunately announce that I won't be continuing to offer custom spec/requirement harnesses. This is mainly due to it struggling to be a viable service to offer with time spent discussing the requirements & specs, research and development, drawing schematics and in some instances sourcing components not usually stocked. There unfortunately can't be the margin to make it a viable way to continue to run the business and now will solely be offering my selection of harnesses visible here. I am however further developing my range so that there is a wider selection of alternative options available. This only applies to custom schematics though, if you require a 335 style harness for example that isn't for a Gibson model, but perhaps say an import replica/style 335. Then this will most certainly continue to be do-able for you.

Thanks for your understanding and of course, if I can find a way to make it financially viable to offer custom requirement/spec harnesses in the future I will take on orders again.


07 October, 2018 by James P Gascoigne

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