Home of Tone Record of the week - Laura Marling's Semper Femina
Laura Marling is a consistent sound in our house, my wife and I adore her music and this particular record is a real favourite of mine. Semper Femina kicks off with the incredibly atmospheric 'Soothing'. Laura's voice is utterly haunting over the double bass line, a definite headphones moment. This album is a real journey right from the start, with some beautiful more 'traditional' if you can use the word, Laura Marling songs, alongside her clearly wandering musical mind intertwining perfectly together. Definitely one of my favourite albums of hers, and I don't think a week goes by where we don't listen to this, so about time I shared it as my record of the week! I might note as a bit of a showing off moment, but you may notice our record sleeve is signed too, Marling geeks will appreciate I'm sure.

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