Yellowcake - Furry Burrito - Overdrive/Fuzz


About Yellowcake
Based out of USA, with owner and pedal designer Ryan McCay at the helm, Yellowcake pedals have a core line-up of Overdrives, Fuzzes and Octaves which are taking the gear world in their fuzzy grasp! We're proud to be the first UK dealer for Yellowcake, helping bring their awesome products to our shores and making it more affordable to do so too! Thanks for checking out the Yellowcake pedals range here at the Home of Tone!

A versatile overdrive/fuzz pedal. Ranging from a nice, warm overdrive to a saturated fuzz/gain that produces that ‘Big-Muff’ like sustain. Coupled with a voltage trim knob to add signal break-up. Rounding out the configuration are a fat switch for bass, and filter knob to adjust treble. Powder coated and UV printed enclosure. Hand wired in the USA.

How to tame it
Filter - Adjusts from low and flat to sharp and bright.
Gain - A saturated fuzz that also achieves a ‘Muff’-like sustain.
Drive - An nice clipping overdrive, that adds texture when combined with the Gain.
Clear Trim Knob - Adds to the signal breakup by starving the circuit, while inducing feedback and some Envelope type faux wah sounds.
Fat Switch - Adds thicker bottom end.
Level - Total output volume.

Power - 2.1mm negative center 9vdc adapter. Performs best with an isolated power supply
Current Draw - Approx. 18 mA

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