Home of Tone Wire shielding rubber tube


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This rubber shielding tube is used for shielding the jack wire on guitars like Gibson Les Pauls or 335s for example, where the braided jack wire runs through the control cavity. Help reduce unwanted contact from the shielding, a must for wiring a LP or similar. With a 3.5mm ID ideal for vintage braided wire, and cut to 14cm length which should be long enough to go from the body channel routing opening, through the control route to where the jack is positioned. Or to slide over pickup wires running to the controls in a 335. We can organise longer lengths should you require for you project, just drop us a message on the contact form.

We have used this on repair and wiring work and it's perfect for the job. Available from Home of Tone in pre-cut lengths.

Please note, this isn't heat shrink! This is electrician grade plastic tube wire shielding.

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