Walsh Guitars - Custom Order Hesed Electric Guitar


About The Hesed
The Hesed was intended to be the ultimate studio guitar and satisfy the most wild of tonal needs. Have you ever wanted to combine the sounds of your G-B-E strings just on the neck pickup with the E-A-D strings on the bridge pickup but didn’t want to come across as needy? Have you ever wanted six pickups but didn’t want to seem overindulgent? Treat yoself and go wild, my friend!

Spec Options
Walsh Guitars offer one of the most affordable, full 'custom shop' guitar experiences there is. With their pricing based around a basic model price, providing you with a wealth of custom choices to make your dream guitar without loads of up-prices. 

Choose your finish and pickguard colours, to neck, board and body wood choices. We're here to talk through those choices and pin down your dream guitar. You can really use your imagination here, feel free to get carried away, this is what Walsh Guitars are all about.

Standard specifications include - 

 - 10" Radius Fingerboard (Bethel has a 12")
 - 1 11/16" Nut width
 - Nitrocellulose finish
 - McNelly Pickups
 - Spoke adjusting truss rod
 - Mono Sleeve Bag

There are some tasks and items that are available at affordable, additional costs which are - 

One piece body - £40
Belly Contour - £15
Upper access contour - £8
Arm Contour - £15
German Carve - £20
Chambered body - £40
Binding (per side eg: top, bottom etc) - £60 per side
Crazy exotic woods - POA at market price

We're here to talk you through your custom guitar, it's a fun process and I can't wait to make your dream guitar a reality via the talented luthier that is Drew Walsh!

We handle the entire custom order guitar process for you, including shipping and customs to take any worry away. Then along the build journey we'll provide great build update photos of Drew's amazing work! Waiting time is around 6 months for your custom guitar to be made. 

Please enquire to discuss options available and placing your Hesed order! Can't wait to hear from you