Trent Guitars - Model 1 w/Descendant Vibrato build - Available to be reserved


About Trent Guitars
Made near the south coast of the UK, 2021 founded Trent Guitars lead by owner and maker Elliott Trent has quickly gained a great following due to the design, quality and eco friendly unique approach to guitar making. Elloitt's workworking comes from experience in cabinet and furniture making, running his own business in the field for a decade prior to Trent Guitars. So although the Trent brand is a pretty fresh one, the passion for the craft and attention to woodworking detail goes way beyond the brand's birth. You can read more about Elliott's history and ethos via a great interview with here

The first Trent guitar I saw was via the great Guitar Nerds Podcast group, and some photos shared of a classy british green Model 1. The lovely headstock shape, painted to match the body adorning a really neat, modern yet almost retro logo/type caught my eye first. But I was glad to see the body shape was just as good, with a super clean offset design. I have followed ever since and am now very very proud to say I am a Trent Guitars dealer right here in the heart and centre of the UK; Stourbridge in the West Midlands! 

The Model 1
The Model 1 is an offset single cut guitar design, it's clean, striking yet somewhat familiar design has provided Trent Guitars with a springboard for the brand as the first model introduced in the range. 
Trent Guitars don’t use bone or hide glue in the workshop, so their guitars are vegan friendly in that sense, and with no nasty chemicals, solvents, or polyurethane resins used, the Model 1 happens to be one of the cleanest guitars on the market. Trent use a signature water-based ‘thin skin’ finish, which is durable but wears in beautifully, doesn’t react with guitar stands and is considerably less polluting than nitro or PU finishes. 
Reviewed by Guitar Magazine with a superb 9/10, editors choice award and nominated for their following Gear of the Year awards too, it's safe to say they have been receiving high praise from the industry too. 

I have personally spec'd this build, taking inspiration from a number Trent prior customer builds which I have included in the example photos on this listing. But please note, as this specific build isn't yet made and features options I haven't seen on another build so far, I am unable to provide finished full spec photos, but I hope the example photos will help visualise the specs better.

The body will be finished in the lovely pale, 'Ben's Blue', open grain signature finish and a colour matched headstock face. There will be a parchment pickguard which I thought compliments the pale blue really nicely. Bridge for this one will be the superb and fellow Home of Tone brand, Descendant! With the Descendant vibrato as well as the Companion bridge. Control knobs will be parchment to match the pickguard. I have opted to spec this guitar with a set of pickups I have a great deal of personal experience with, so feel it will get the best from a vibrato equipped guitar, and that is a parchment cover pair of McNelly 46/58s! These are a hybrid Jazzmaster single coil, they feature the wide and flat coil wind with slug magnets made famous by the JM single coil, but have under coil bar magnets like a P90 so pack a bit more of a punch than regular JM singles. One of my favourite pickup designs and have personally owned a pair for a number of years now.. Pickup selection is via a Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch located on the lower 'horn'. So picture a JM lead circuit for your controls with toggle, volume and tone. 
It will be 25.5" scale length, so Tele, Strat or Jazzmaster players will feel at home on this one, with a classic C profile neck, 6 in line tuners and a 43mm nut width. 


  • Handmade from start to finish by one craftsman in the South of England

  • Obeche body

  • 25.5” scale length

  • 12” radius fretboard

  • Chunky “C” carve maple neck (21mm-23mm)

  • Neck is attached with 4 bolts into steel threaded inserts

  • Bolivian Rosewood fingerboard

  • 1/4” Dot inlays

  • 21 Jescar 47095 frets

  • Ben's Blue body finish w/ matching headstock
  • Parchment pickguard
  • Descendant Vibrato and companion bridge

  • McNelly 46/58 pickups

  • Locally made custom neck and control plate in brushed stainless.

  • 43mm TUSQ XL nut

  • Kluson Deluxe Style Tuners.

  • CTS 500k volume & tone pots

  • Treble bleed tone circuit as standard.

  • Switchcraft 3 way toggle

  • Fully water-based open grain “thin skin” finish

  • Hiscox Hardcase.

This build is already on the wait list and is expected to be finished and arrive here at the Home of Tone by mid-late August. You are more than welcome to secure the build as a pre-order should you wish, if this is of interest and you'd like to skip some of the wait time then by all means get in touch and I can help organise this for you.

Build due to be completed mid-late August