Traditional Jazzmaster/Jaguar Bridge with inserts


Traditional Jazzmaster/Jaguar Bridge with inserts is special order, check out the full description for current delivery estimate or feel free to get in touch!


The traditional Jazzmaster & Jaguar bridge conjures up a lot of discussion online, with many passing it off as a bad design. But it can in fact work effectively if set up correctly and when you bare in mind the common uses during the time of it's inception by Leo. 
Back in the late 50s when the Jazzmaster was being designed and released as a model, players were commonly using heavier gauge strings as standard, 12s for example, very often with a wound G or flatwounds too. Players weren't playing aggressively with light gauge strings, or thrashing away behind the bridge. So the traditional bridge did it's job well at the time. But as people started using lighter strings, or playing more aggressively, they noticed issues with the original bridge design and were quick to swap out or modify them. 
But truthfully, you can make this bridge work well with a well set-up Jazzmaster or Jag. Improve your neck break angle for example, which in turn increases the tension over the saddle. Simply set your radius with the individual saddles only, but set the overall bridge height using the side adjustment instead. Or perhaps consider 11 or 12 gauge strings to further help the tension over the bridge. 

You could be considering this bridge simply to create a more traditional offset build, which this will be ideal for!

72mm centre to centre of the two posts.
86mm total length.
19mm total width.
String Spacing E to E = 55.6mm (2 3/16 in.)
Includes the two body inserts too.

These are currently special order, and are ordered in once a customer order is placed (usually around 2/3 working days). Thanks very much for wishing to order through my humble store, and I will update you with the delivery estimate along the way.