Gabriel Tenorio String Co. - Nickel Steel - JM46 w/trem twists


Steel Round Core strings with nickeled Steel wrap. Handmade & custom wound for a better fit by Gabriel Tenorio in Los Angeles, USA. 

This right here is lighter gauge Jazzmaster string heaven! The JM46 is based upon the 10-46 set but are the diameters everyone is used to, but with a finer wrapped D and more tension in the cores. Tasty! The difference here is that the JM46s also feature the 'trem twists' specifically designed for 25.5" scale Jazzmasters, and for their floating trem systems.

This set features Trem twists for guitars outfitted with JM style floating tremolo systems and a scale length of 25.5".

These will also work great on other 25.5" scale length, or shorter like Gibson scale guitars that have trem systems like a bigsby perhaps or floating tailpieces, 'trem twists' work perfectly for this style.

How they're made?
Gabriel Tenorio has been hand winding strings for many years, training under the watchful eye of mentor and Guadalupe Custom Strings founder, Francisco Gonzalez. He developed on his knowledge learnt in those years and stepped into the world of electric and acoustic guitar, beginning his company soon afterwards offering a level of quality string seldom seen in the guitar world these days. 
Each string in each and every set is hand wound by Gabriel Tenorio, in his workspace in LA, California. Each component of the string specially chosen over years of development for consistency, tone and reliability, from core, to ball end to wrap. These strings are hand wound, IE, Gabriel ultilises a string winding machine and individually guides the wrap and twist by hand, not a guided machine like others are, one by one around the central round core until the set is complete.

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