Gabriel Tenorio String Co. - Nickel Steel - 11-49 w/STD twists


Steel Round Core strings with nickeled Steel wrap. Handmade & custom wound for a better fit by Gabriel Tenorio in Los Angeles, USA. 

Corrected, 27-38-49 basses matched for 11-14-18 schedule of trebles. This set begins to change the tone a small bit. from being a twangy crisp sounding guitar, this set starts to add more punch, especially in the neck pick up position. I love the feel, and tone of these on Tele's and Strats, and many customers have had equal joy from them on Les Paul's and ES-335s. Overall this is one of the most popular sets due to the suitability to the above mentioned guitars and great balance 11 set.

Gabriel's strings are now available with three 'twists', STD, SHORT & TREM.
The twist at the ball end is extremely crucial to the performance of the string. Gabriel has adapted longer and hardware appropriate twists to his matrix of formulations.

This set of Nickel Steel 11-49s is spec'd with STD Twist - This is the important part to note prior to order. These are specially formulated for most through body builds including strats, also for use with stop bar/tuneamatic setups (approx. 1.125” twist length).
This string set will NOT fit wraparound tailpieces, top loading bridges like Tele for example.
If you're not sure whether these will suit your guitar, please do get in touch and I'll do my best to help! 

How they're made
Each string in each and every set is hand wound by Gabriel Tenorio, in his workspace in LA, California. Each component of the string specially chosen over years of development for consistency, tone and reliability, from core, to ball end to wrap. These strings are hand wound, IE, Gabriel ultilises a string winding machine and individually guides the wrap and twist by hand, not a guided machine like others are, one by one around the central round core until the set is complete.

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