T-Style Partscaster


This is a private sale and is not stock of James' Home of Tone, nor a commission sale. Merely helping a friend and customer move his guitar to a new home without having to pay the extortionate eBay seller fees. This saving on fees has been taken into account for the asking price on this guitar, so everybody wins!

The guitar is a home-done T-Style partscaster build, the neck was taken from a T-Style copy guitar, and the body bought from an eBay parts seller. I haven't been able to identify the wood type of the body, but it is very dense and the guitar in total weighs about 9.9lbs, so heavy Les Paul territory.

The electronics and pickups are where this guitar really shines though, featuring a high output, Kent Armstrong 'Rebel' neck pickup, paired with the truly awesome McNelly Duel Blade bridge pickup. It has a handwired harness which I wired for the original owner, featuring CTS 450 series 500k pots, Oak 3 way switch, Orange Drop .022uF capacitor and switchcraft mono jack socket. So tonally this guitar has a lot going for it with those high quality pickups and wiring.
Bridge saddles are compensated brass items, a nice little upgrade that usual budget tele's wouldn't have. Overall this is good little guitar, only real downside is it's heavy weight and that the neck and body holes were pre-drilled from two different companies, meaning they didn't quite line up for the neck plate to sit on the body straight. So to get the neck correctly lined up in the body, the neck plate had sits slightly over the body edge. A very minor detail, which meant that the neck could sit correctly in the body neck pocket.

Overall this could be a good beginners guitar that looks great, plays comfortably and sounds superb due to the high quality pickups and electronics. Or even a great donor guitar for it's selection of nice components etc, whatever you feel! The price has been considering for all of the details discussed. 

- Unknown brand/wood body finished in Sea Foam Green poly
- Unknown brand maple neck w/unknown brand tuners and plastic nut
- Kent Armstrong 'Rebel' hot output neck pickup
- McNelly Duel Blade bridge pickup
- Compensated brass bridge saddles
- Handwired harness featuring CTS 450 series 500k pots, Orange Drop .022uF capacitor, Oak 3 way switch and switchcraft jack socket
- White pearl pickguard

Please note that this guitar is NOT James' Home of Tone stock, it is being advertised on behalf of the owner for a zero commission sale. Not a stock item, but it is here at my office to come and try until it sells. 

No shipping available due to not having a case. I do recommend coming to have a look at the guitar too.