Stohn Guitars - Stohn 'J3' Guitar Pick - Moss Agate

£7.99 £4.00

Stohn Guitars are based in Atlanta, Georgia USA and are producing some of the nicest mineral stone picks available today! Their mission at Stohn Guitars is a simple one, they want to make you love music even more! And their quality, stone picks certainly help achieve that. 

They are produced in batches from a range of mineral stones, and I have some from a recent batch which included three different materials!

This is for a 'J3', smaller sized pick made from 'Moss Agate', nicknamed Swamp Thing by the guys!

In stock and ready to ship!

Stohn Picks USA have now finished production of their beautiful Stone picks to concentrate on other ventures, so these picks are the very last we'll have! Now at a special clearance price of £4