Silver Mica 560pF & 680pF capacitor


I recently worked on an instrument where the customer was installing Suhr humbuckers, and wanted it wired to the Suhr wiring diagram to match. Upon looking at that diagram I noticed that Suhr's preferred cap value for their volume treble bleed mod was 680pF (with a 150kohm resistor wired in parallel) so I thought I'd order a few and keep some for stock in case it was useful to any other customers.
These are a nice quality Silver Mica capacitor, and worked very well for the application.
So if you like the Suhr treble bleed sound, or simply looking to wire up a Suhr, then this will help achieve that and I also stock the 150kohm resistors listed on the website also!

I have now also decided to offer the 560pF value, as that is commonly used in DiMarzio's treble bleed kit so thought it might be useful to those looking for that value too!

680pF (500v) +/-5% tolerance 
560pF (500V) +/-5% tolerance

In Stock!