Pre-Wired Guitar wiring harness | Telecaster Pickup Selector Switch


I've thought about offering this as a standard alone pre-wired item for a while, and have finally decided to give it a go! The thought behind it was that sometimes a switch can fail, but you might not want to do the work yourself or don't want to replace the whole harness for example. So here we have a pre-wired Telecaster pickup selector switch, it is ready to drop onto your control plate, solder to the volume pot with the wire provided and simply attach your pickup wires. Plenty of places, myself included, offer pre-wired jack sockets, so why don't you see many doing switches I figured!

I offer this for the 3 & 4 way Telecaster wiring styles and parts included are - 

3 Way Tele
- CRL 3 way spring lever switch
- Gavitt 22AWG cloth covered wire

4 Way Tele
- Oak 4 way lever switch
- Gavitt 22AWG cloth covered wire

Delivery time
The waiting time is around 2-4 working days depending on quantity of current orders and repair jobs in at the time. I'll always endeavor to turn orders around quicker and your order will be updated accordingly :)