She Shreds - Issue #18 The Print Magazine Dedicated to Women Guitarists & Bassists

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She Shreds Magazine is the world’s only print publication dedicated to women guitarists and bassists, but it certainly isn't exclusively for women readers. They strive to change the way women guitarists and bassists are depicted and presented in the music industry and popular culture by creating a platform where people can listen, see and experience what it means to be a woman who shreds. Their goal is to transcend boundaries like gender and genre—supporting radicalism, respect and revolution.

They have a fantastic outlook, and one I really wanted to support by offering their magazine here on my shelves.

"Within these pages of She Shreds is a space that is safe and inviting to all musical expressions, identities and abilities. 
There are no preconceived expectations or assumptions on what talking about gear and music or playing guitar should look and/or sound like.
We, as a community can promote the inclusivity of discussing these topics in whatever language we choose"

New issues are released three times a year

Very last issue remains!