Ruach Music - Galanta Wooden Acoustic/Electric Guitar Stand


If possible in your home, it's really nice to have your instrument on display as ultimately guitars are works of design and art to us as much as they are a creative outlet, but also it's nice to have them ready to play and enjoy instead of hidden away in the case.
Most guitar stands are designed with simply function in mind and rightly so, with the option of using them at gigs etc, but when displaying in your home it's nice to think of the guitar stand as a piece of furniture you'd enjoy looking at rather than a simply functional metal stand. This is where the Ruach Music wooden stands caught my eye, as they are as much aesthetically pleasing as they are a functional way of displaying your guitar at home.

I would personally recommend this stand for a room with wood/flat/laminate type floors due to the base design. It might not sit particularly well on a thicker pile carpet for example.

Designed and made in Northern Ireland, Ruach Music stands are made from a selection of solid hardwoods finished in a satin lacquer. They have a 1000mm (39")  clearance from base the headstock cradle, suiting full size electric and acoustic guitars comfortably. The base features rubber non-slip feet and has a sleek design to proudly display your guitar. Using the weight from the guitar when hung, it's surprisingly sturdy too. 

They're available in Walnut, Ash and Mahogany. Please note that grain of course is completely natural and will vary slightly from stand to stand. 

Mahogany in stock
I have one Walnut stand in stock but it has incurred a small mark on the side of the base. Therefore this one is available at a clearance/discounted price