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Rapid 22SWG Lead Free Solder


This is the solder I use when making my Signature Series harnesses. I know a few of you have asked about it when you need to install your harness, but perhaps wouldn't want to go out and buy a reel of it due to cost or waste. So I thought it would be useful to offer it in shorter lengths, suitable for 1 or 2 harness/re-wire installs to save you needing to purchase a large reel of it. 

This is Rapid brand, 22SWG Lead-Free Solder 0.7mm diameter.

High purity lead-free tin / copper solder is a cost-effective and versatile alternative to conventional lead solder and is suitable for all but the most demanding general purpose applications. It's easy to work with and is flux cored so you don't need to use additional flux. Bare in mind that it is lead-free solder so has a higher melting point than regular leaded solder, the manufacturer states a melting point of  227°C. I use it with my iron set to around 400°C which helps warm the joint quickly and efficiently to form a solid solder joint quickly. So you'll want an iron that can operate a little hotter and handle lead-free solder. It's made of Tin (99.3%) alloy with 0.7% copper.

This is sold and offered here in a 10ft length (roughly 7g) which should provide you with plenty to work with for a few harness installs.

Avoid breathing flux fumes during use. Fumes may irritate the nose, throat and lungs and may cause an allergic reaction (eg.asthma) after prolonged/repeated exposure.
After handling solder, ensure you wash hands with soap and water before eating, drinking or smoking.
Keep away from children and/or ensure they are supervised.
For more safety information, please visit
James' Home of Tone is not liable for improper use or miss-handling of this solder, please do take care when doing any soldering work and handling this solder wire.

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