Pre-Wired Guitar wiring harness | 3-way HH Stratocaster Coil Split kit | Right handed


Order times
I usually make harnesses to order, due to the variety of spec options that could be chosen across the whole range. The current turnaround time for a harness orders is around 5-7 working days depending on quantity of orders in at the time and your order will be updated accordingly when it is dispatched. This turnaround time doesn't include the transit time. Thanks for your patience whilst I get your harness made!

I've been spending some time looking at 2x Humbucker Strat set-ups, and although initially interested in the 5 way version, I have settled with a 3 way push/pull set-up as I felt on testing that it was a more versatile configuration offering the most sounds and the most intuitive controls overall. I always respect that this is subjective of course, but ultimately wanted my HH coil split harness to be as versatile as possible so felt a push/pull set-up would achieve that. 
If you want a back to basics, straight up simple HH 3 way switching set-up, then this achieves that. With the push/pull pots in the normal down position, you can easily switch between the 2 humbuckers, with a master volume and individual tone controls. But if you want to split the coils, then you can do that too via an individual coil split push/pull for each pickup. So it offers up to 8 different sounds whilst still feeling intuitive whilst playing. 
I also considered the potential here for partial coil splits, but as each humbucker model, output or wind style can affect the optimal value of resistor for partial splitting meaning it's quite difficult to offer a 'one size fits all' spec, this particular schematic simply puts one coil to ground as normal. But, if you do have good experience of partial coil splits and already know the optimal resistor value you like for that pickup, then do please let me know and I can wire it with that instead for you on request. 
Space is a bit tight on this kit, and I wanted to ensure access to the push/pull PCB solder lugs is as easy as possible. So have opted to use the smaller Orange Drop tone capacitors on this particular kit as I was able to keep things super neat leaving as much working space as possible with these instead of the larger casing mustard or PIO type capacitors I use on other kits.

Switching options and controls are as follows
Position 1 - Bridge Humbucker
Position 1 w/Bridge HB push/pull up - Bridge Humbucker Split
Position 2 - Bridge humbucker & neck humbucker (parallel)
Position 2 w/bridge HB push/pull up - Bridge Humbucker split & neck humbucker (parallel)
Position 2 w/bridge & neck HB push/pull up - Bridge humbucker split & neck humbucker split (parallel)
Position 2 w/neck HB push/pull up - Bridge humbucker & neck humbucker split (parallel)
Position 3 w/neck HB push/pull up - Neck humbucker split
Position 3 - neck humbucker

Important note - This schematic/wiring style will only work if your humbuckers have 4 conductor wires.
Each pickup brand ultilises a different colour coding scheme for their pickups, so the Seymour Duncan wire colours will correspond differently to say bare Knuckle pickup colours for example. So it is important that you cross reference/familiarise yourself with the pickup manufacturers colour coding when installing this wiring kit.
As the install is slightly more complicated than traditional wiring styles and also space is a little tighter to work in due to the additional connections needing to be made, I highly recommend this kit for more experienced modders, or take it to a trusted guitar tech to install on your behalf.

You will find the relevant
fitting guides, how-to instructions documenting the step by step process as well as a simple to follow wiring diagram here on the website or by clicking the 'wiring diagrams' page at the bottom of the website.

The parts I use, in particular the pots, are CTS branded pots which are imperial measurements. If you're fitting this harness to a far east built variant for example such as a Squier or similar, then you may have to widen the holes in the pickguard to accommodate for these imperial measurement pots. 
For reference, the CTS pots I use in this harness have a shaft diameter of 9.52mm.

It is also important to ensure the depth of your Stratocaster control cavity can accommodate for the deeper push/pull pots. There are some models of Strat, like the Affinity by Squier for example, that have very shallow control cavities from the factory. But most USA spec bodies will accomdate these pots no problem at all. The pot depth measures 30mm from the bottom of the pickguard to the base of the push/pull pot casing.

For the HH Stratocaster harness I use 500k split shaft pots, which are 24 spline 5.95mm (adjustable) split shafts. If you do require US spec control knobs, we do carry a selection of popular options in stock and they can be viewed in the hardware & plastic hardware categories on the store.

Centre to centre measurements between components are - 
Centre of Switch to volume pot - 48mm
Centre of volume pot to centre of tone pot 1 - 45mm
Centre of tone pot 1 to tone pot 2 - 45mm
These measurements for my templates were taken from a USA Fender Stratocaster pickguard but I do allow for some 'give' in the wire lengths between components so there is wiggle room if your pickguard isn't identical to the measurements listed above.

- CTS '450' Series +/-10% Tolerance short shaft pot - 500k split shaft 
- CTS premium push/pull short shaft pots - 500k split shaft
- .022uF Orange Drop tone capacitors
- Gavitt USA made cloth covered 22AWG wire
- 20AWG Tinned copper ground
- CRL 3 way spring loaded lever switch
- Pure Tone multi contact jack socket
- Soldered using Rapid 22SWG lead-free solder