Pre-Wired Bass Guitar wiring harness | Thunderbird bass | Right Handed w/top jack

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I'm such a fan of the aesthetic design of the Thunderbird bass, it commands your attention that's for sure! I have wanted to include it in my bass range of harnesses and finally had chance to develop and test the schematic and measurements on a friends Thunderbird bass which was a great opportunity for me. 
One thing I spotted in my research is that Epiphone built Thunderbirds usually featured 3 500k pots as well as having the jack socket mounted on the face of the body. Whereas Gibson built Thunderbirds usually featured 500k volumes but a 250k tone pot with the jack socket being mounted on the body edge via a panel jack. So I have decided to offer both variations depending on your model and/or requirements.
Both variations however feature a .047uF value capacitor as standard as that seemed to be the traditional value used.
Which value tone pot you would like (if you're wanting to mix it up a bit rather than just stick with what the factory originally had) would be personal choice, but if it helps, a 500k tone pot will provide a brighter tone which of course can be rolled off with the pot. 

I have intended for my wiring harnesses to be as simple as possible to install to your J-Bass, as well as writing in depth fitting guides, as well as a simple to follow wiring diagram.
The parts I use, in particular the pots, are CTS branded pots which are imperial measurements. If you're fitting this harness to a far east built variant for example such as a Epiphone or similar, then you may have to widen the holes in the body to accommodate for these imperial measurement pots and jack socket.
For reference, the CTS pots I use in this harness have a shaft diameter of 9.52mm, widening the body holes to 10mm is usually the best and allows for easy install of the CTS pots and PT jack.
The pots shafts also measure 5.95mm with 24 splines, only control knobs suitable for these sizes will fit. If you do require US spec control knobs, we do carry a selection of popular options in stock and they can be viewed in the hardware & plastic hardware categories on the store.

Centre to centre measurements between components are - 
Centre of Volume pot 1 to centre of volume pot 2 - 40mm
Centre of Volume pot 2 to centre of tone pot - 40mm
Centre of tone pot to centre of jack socket if top mounted - 55mm
If you require the side mount, panel jack option for your TB bass, I won't be able to pre-solder the jack socket so ample wire length will be left so it can be soldered in situ.
These measurements were taken from a Genuine Gibson Thunderbird. I do allow for some wiggle room in wire lengths between each component, but it does appear way different to the measurements on your bass, just let me know your centre to centre measurements and I will accommodate for that when making it for you.

Specs and options
- CTS '450' Series +/-10% Tolerance pots - 500k split shaft as standard
- .047uF 'Yellow Mustard' type tone capacitor  (If you'd prefer a different value capacitor, do please get in touch and I'd be more than happy to help, but as standard this kit comes with .047uF value)
- Gavitt USA made cloth covered 22AWG wire
- 20AWG Tinned copper ground
- Pure Tone multi contact jack socket if top mounting
- Soldered using Rapid 22SWG lead-free solder

This wiring kit is made and ready to ship.